Most people say that our homes are a straight reflection of our personality. Whether it is well-maintained or horribly cluttered, one can be assessed through the appearance of their home. As an owner of a property that was built in the ‘70s, you can imagine how much remodelling and reconstruction it requires; not to mention how dreadful it will be. However tiresome, it all came to me that I should get going with the remodelling of the house. I started with our basement where tons of unwanted junk and rubbish were freely occupying almost the entire space. As I unearthed the clutters from down there, and placed it all unwittingly everywhere in the house, I could see the frown in my wife’s face which automatically signaled me to do something. I grabbed my phone and reached out to a dumpster rental Elgin IL company to get just the right size of bin to take hold of all the junk and waste while I do the construction.

There are quite a number of benefits you can enjoy when you avail a dumpster rental service while you do home renovation and reconstruction. Such service can actually save you a lot of time and energy without breaking your bank. From having someone to take off all the junk and debris to having it all stored safely while you go on with your cleaning project. Also, don’t forget just how much of a worry you can spare yourself from when your wife is not making a face. You get me? Kidding aside, let me point out how a dumpster rental service makes your home remodelling projects a lot easier and lighter.

  • You have to power to consolidate your trash and place it directly to a spacious bin instead of letting them lie around your house. It saves a lot of hassle and stress when you do not see any unwelcome clutter while you do the cleaning. Renting a dumpster service gives you the confidence of having a convenient space to sort and consolidate your throwables.
  • You put yourself on a timeline. When you hire a dumpster rental company to assist you with your cleaning plans, you sign yourself up to a schedule. Part of the service will be a timeframe that includes all the tasks and steps to be done from the beginning up until the end. They arrange pick-up and drop-off times that suit your availability. This scheduling assistance greatly helps in finishing the project in a timely manner.
  • You can pretty much toss everything in the bin. Dumpster rental service providers give their clients the liberty to not just consolidate the things that they plan to throw, but also to sort and place almost anything without limitation. Whether you need to declutter some of your dated appliances, television and microwave for example; they have just enough space for those. 
  • Although these services offer assistance in consolidating your trash, it is equally important to pre-arrange or organize everything beforehand. Hear me when I say this – you do not want to push away things that you will still probably need in the future. Carefully assess and check each item and examine whether it can still be of use or it is just another waste of space. 
  • This may sound like an easy task, but finding the best spot for the dumpster you are going to rent is very vital in the process of decluttering your house. The spot has to be close or near to the house so that it will be accessible to you. Consider also how convenient it will be for you; so by all means, please do not place the dumpster in your garage where you park your car or any place which will cause inconvenience to your family and neighbor. Speaking through experience, the best area to position the dumpster in is in your backyard – spacious and secure.

Now that I have mentioned few benefits and how dumpster rental service can be of a huge help when you are starting to remodel or reconstruct your old house, I want to walk you through some do-it-yourself tips in improving the look of your abode. These tips are personally taken and done by myself so worry not because I will give you a cost estimate for each!


Who would not want to get a home makeover that does not cost a fortune? Absolutely no one! After doing the clean up and decluttering, my wife and I took on some home improvement projects that we did ourselves; yes, you’ve read it right! We did everything ourselves, so we can do it all hands-on under our time, budget, and own circumstance. Apart from getting our humble home all glammed up as she would always say, the overall process of doing these projects served as a wonderful bonding between us two. Can you imagine the joy that was there while putting in the work and after seeing the finished products? Go and treat yourself to a worthwhile read!

  1. Give your front door a brand new hue. Since it is the front door that people see first, whether a guest or just a mere passerby, we thought of painting it with a new color that is far different from its dated shade. We aimed to make it vibrant and bright so we colored it orange to give our home a pump. It didn’t cost us too much time and money because it was just a single color paint that we bought for less than twenty dollars.
  1. The walls should speak art. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a valued painting, I get it – so take my word. and go buy some plain or empty picture frames. We wanted it minimal and classy, so we opted for black frames. We bought around five to six black frames to fill the void on the walls. We inserted some of our old photos: baby pictures, dates we went to as a couple, and some places and states we visited as husband and wife. You might want to be creative too like my dear wife, and print out some royalty-free and non-copyrighted photos from the web – that will do too. She downloaded and printed out some photos of her favorite celebrities, and put it in the frames. 
  1. Lights will guide you to positive thoughts. We took inspiration from some home photos we saw on the Internet, and gave it our own taste. We know it; Christmas is only celebrated in December, but we wanted to feel festive all year long. We did this in our bedroom; we took our Christmas lights, got our hands on some double-sided adhesives, and pasted the colorful lights on the wall. You can decide where to put the lights, but we personally wanted it to be in our bedroom where it is always dim. What’s the best thing here? You really don’t have to spend anything! You can just use your Christmas lights that used to only get their sparks during the season, and borrow your mom’s adhesives!
  1. Your worn and unpolished dining table deserves a new look too! In our case, we wanted it to look glamorous so we can feel as if we are on a date when we are dining. We used to have a wooden dining table that had a dark brown shade, but my wife wanted to give it a chic touch like the ones she sees in romantic movies. Yes, I always take my wife’s advice because what? Wives are the real boss! We painted it ivory white, and then we applied a thick coat to seal the paint and give it a glossy finish at the same time. It appears as if we are on a date in a fancy restaurant somewhere because of its classy surface. We did the same thing with our countertops just to match everything. Again, this did not cost us too much for we only needed an ivory white paint and a finishing coat to lock it up.
  1. Have I mentioned the outdoor eyesores already? Some things are just better off removed like some annoying clutters outside of your front door. These clutters could be some gruesome high grass or unnecessary signages that are placed in front of your house that does not leave quite a good impression from anyone. One thing we did with the front yard after removing all the eyesores there was to put some faux rock materials on the ground as well as a few gnome figures to give it a cute approach. These faux rocks and figures that I am talking about are very cheap. They only cost us about thirty-five bucks all in all.
  1. You really don’t need to replace your doorknobs; you just need to repaint them. While looking at your dated and almost rustic knobs, you can feel the urge to actually buy new ones and replace them. I know I felt it too. However, I realized that replacing them will cost me too much – not to mention the hinges and latches too. So I opted to just have it all repainted with affordable bronze paint. Since the usual wall paint does not really do well with doorknobs, I used a spray paint in the color bronze. It made our rustic knobs a fresh, opulent look without spending luxe in buying a new high quality doorknob that normally costs around thirty to forty.
  1. Pay attention to the little details and give your switches a fancy bang! Have you seen how hotels and restaurants accentuate the switches on their walls? I bet you have. They commonly use some fancy frames to decorate their light switches. Great news because you can also do the same in your builder-grade light switches at home! These are the things you need to do the job: a 3:5” x 5” frame and a patty adhesive. The size should be just enough and should fit a regular light switch. Just stick the double-sided adhesive on the frame and place the frame around the switch. It will look like a bordered piece of expensive furniture without having to spend too much.
  1. Transform an old couch into a modern-styled cushion piece. You’ll probably stay most of your life lounging on your living room couch. Why don’t you step up your game and give it a new look? You won’t need to visit a furniture shop because all you need is available in your home! Most living rooms of today feature boho-looking couches; they are all wrapped with blankets and filled with dreamy soft throw pillows. Blankets as couch covers are the new thing now, and placed the classic leather casing down the basement.
  1. Need we say more? Add some indoor plants to complement your hippie couch. Modern homes are starting to look a lot like roofed jungles these days. A pile of lush, green plants can do a lot to the relaxing vibe that your living area has to have. There are a lot of sleek yet budget-friendly indoor plants available in the market that do not require much attention and care so you can still go on with your busy life. I know, we’re all adults here.
  1. A happy wife means a happy life, so pump up the looks of your wife’s dressers and cabinets. This one is pretty simple; all you need is a printed wallpaper. It is a plus if you let your wife decide on the print she likes. Measure the dresser and cabinet and carefully stick the wallpaper on each surface to conceal its aging. Without having to buy new cabinets, you can save a lot for buying printed adhesive wallpapers that cost less than ten bucks per yard.

You can really do a lot of home improvement projects after you are done removing all unwanted clutters from your place. It is such a big help if you avail a dumpster rental service because it can save you not just space, but also time that you can already devote in creating DIY decors. 

Sometimes it’s the littlest of things that make big changes; so go get it all started now, do the tricks I have enumerated above, and see how they make total difference!